Strengths Of Shapla

  • Management / Organizational Capacity

Shapla having proven program management capacity and duly able to demonstrate in terms of Staff, Administration, Logistic, Communications and reporting structure/ systems to manage programs fund / resources/reporting etc.

  • Financial Capacity 

Shapla having proven financial reporting and accounting capacity and able to demonstrate accordingly including substantiated experience of managing funds from more than one donor at a time.

  • Monitoring And Reporting Capacity

Shapla having proven capacity in program/ project monitoring and evaluation and able to demonstrate to reach it’s vision and mission through proper tracking.

  • Technical Capacity

Shapla having proven track record of technical capacity to effectively manage its different development interventions / operations backed up by independent evaluation and audit reports.

  • Affiliations : (Networking, Linkage and Collaboration)

Shapla facilitates formal-informal linkage, network, alliance and partnership process among the services providers of government and autonomous body agency/ institutions and its community led organizations and beneficiaries . The objective of this collaboration is to ensure the available services for the beneficiaries and also key tools of empowering the community people. As a result of collaboration, the beneficiaries are receiving information, training support and technical assistance and so on.