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Md. Mohsin Ali

Executive Director

Shapla Gram Unnayan Sangstha is a non-governmental Development voluntary organization. The organization is located in Rajshahi. People of Liberty Bangladesh are still in the midst of poverty. At the same time, social problems such as prejudice, unconsciousness, child marriage, polygamy, dowry, women’s oppression, teenage crime, unemployment and rural crime etc. make people in the society losers and cause social decline. Elements are deprived of humanitarian needs. Poverty always kurses good food. Illiteracy and ignorance and superstition are the major obstacles to their development.

Notice Board

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Leave Notice of MP Election 202410 February 2024 view

Our Working Zone

33 Branchs

We work With 33 Branches

28 Upazila

We work With 28 Upazila Branches

5 District

We work With 33 Branches

130500 Beneficiary

We work With 33 Branches

Why We Are Different From Others

Clear Mission and Vision

As A Development NGO we have a clear and compelling mission focused on addressing pressing social and economic challenges, such as poverty alleviation, education, healthcare, environmental conservation, or community empowerment. Its vision articulates the desired long-term impact and outcomes it seeks to achieve in the communities it serves.

Evidence-Based Programm

Shapla designs and implements evidence-based interventions informed by rigorous research, data analysis, and needs assessments. It employs methodologies such as baseline surveys, impact evaluations, and monitoring frameworks to measure progress, effectiveness, and impact.

Capacity Building and Empowerment

Shapla invests in capacity building and empowerment initiatives aimed at strengthening the skills, knowledge, and capabilities of individuals, organizations, and institutions. This includes training programs, workshops, technical assistance, and mentorship opportunities tailored to the needs of beneficiaries and partners.

Gender Equality and Social Inclusion

Our One of the mainstreams gender equality and social inclusion across its programs and operations. It ensures that women, youth, persons with disabilities, ethnic minorities, and other marginalized groups have equal access to resources, opportunities, and decision-making spaces.

Monitoring, Evaluation, and Learning (MEL)

Shapla establishes robust monitoring, evaluation, and learning systems to track progress, capture lessons learned, and adapt strategies based on evidence and feedback. It regularly evaluates program effectiveness, impact, and sustainability, using findings to inform programmatic adjustments and strategic planning.

Professional Team

A professional team understands its mission and objectives, whether they are project-specific or aligned with the organization's broader goals. These goals are clearly defined, measurable, and understood by all team members. They value each other's contributions, perspectives, and ideas, creating a supportive and collaborative atmosphere.

Community-Centered Approach

Our Most prioritizes the needs, aspirations, and voices of the communities it works with, adopting a participatory and inclusive approach to development. It engages community members as active partners in project design, implementation, and evaluation, fostering ownership, empowerment, and sustainability.

Partnerships and Collaboration

We collaborates with a diverse range of stakeholders, including government agencies, local authorities, grassroots organizations, academia, donors, and the private sector. These partnerships enhance the NGO's reach, leverage resources and expertise, and promote synergies for collective impact.

Advocacy and Policy Influence

Shapla engages in advocacy and policy dialogue to promote systemic change, influence decision-making processes, and advocate for the rights and interests of marginalized communities. It leverages evidence, research, and grassroots mobilization to advocate for policy reforms, legislative changes, and institutional improvements.

Financial Transparency and Accountability

Shapla upholds high standards of financial transparency, accountability, and governance. It maintains accurate and audited financial records, complies with regulatory requirements, and ensures that donor funds are utilized efficiently, ethically, and for intended purposes.